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Dear Sir/Madam is a website to watch movies online. We offer a free trial during the first 7 days, and later on the account continues in the Premium mode at 49,99 USD / month. Also, the same day of the registration we charge 1 USD to check that the card is valid and operational but that 1 USD is always refunded automatically. So the charges on your credit card done by us would suggest that your card was used to start a subscription on our website. As we understand though You do not recall ever signing up personally to our service please contact us to in order to learn more about to learn more about our refund policy for unauthorized transactions and solve this issue.
Our phone toll-free number is 00-1-800-519-4199.

I just received my AMAZON.COM Chase Visa bill and it showed a credit of $1.00 and a charge of $49.99. This is a fraudulent charge.

I have never heard of this company. They apparently got my credit card number from somewhere and thought they could get away with it. When I called the phone number that was listed on my bill, a man's voice answered with a British accent.

I called Chase immediately and had them cancel my credit card and delete the charges. I plan to call all my friends and relatives to make them aware of this company and for them to check their statements thoroughly.

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Souderton, Pennsylvania, United States #922532

I have received the same charges. Amazon took off the $1.00 but is dragging their feet on the $49.99.

Why would they take the $1.00 off and not the other. I don't need this card.

Roseville, California, United States #921798

Just caught a fraudulent .68 charge from this company I've never seen or heard of. When we called Amazon Chase they found 4 previous charges we hadn't even noticed.

3 $1.00 and one for $49. Check your statements!!!!!!

Rochester, New York, United States #919635

I see from the posts that they are stealing your money as well. Stay away from this site and if you want to see We Can Shine from Institutions to Independence buy it from Amazon. They are ligit.

Rochester, New York, United States #919634

Just for everyone's information--this site steals films from filmmakers. We have a film called We Can Shine from Institutions to Independence made by a young filmmaker with autism.

Unbelievably we found it on their site available in multiple nations. We were never consulted and did not make a penny from them.

They are crooks all the say through and if you support them by ordering their films, you are supporting thieves that steal from people with disabilities and the most vulnerable. Please spread the work and get that site down!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #905918

I also had this charge on my card. I did sign up for a trial with them to get Swagbucks.

I could never log back in on their website but I noticed a "Hi, Do you need help?" button.

Clicked on that and gave the agent my email address and she canceled it right away and sent me an email verification. Much easier than having to get a new card and give everybody the new number.

Elyria, Ohio, United States #897490

Just received a phone call from Chase with the same information. Multiple attempts to charge $1 then a $49.99 charge in the middle of the night. Thank goodness Chase is monitoring this but can't the FTC or JD do something about this company!!??!!


Same issue!! Multiple fraudulent charges for $1, then a charge for 49.99 on my Amazon CHASE credit card!

Chase has refunded the charges and cancelled the card. I don't know how they got my credit card number, but it seems as if AMAZON CHASE has had a breach in security!!

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #891461

I had exactly the same problem. Detail: My Amazon Chase card was NEVER ACTIVATED for use by me.

How can someone use it if my card is not even activated???? FRAUD!!!

England, United Kingdom #884621

I have had the same happen to me phoned my bank and they have got the fraud squad involved....totally out of order...

Hillsdale, Michigan, United States #881659

I received the same thing, I got on the company's website and cancelled the account while asking for a refund. I gave them my name, email and last four of my credit card number.

They sent me back an email within five minute stating that my account was cancelled and that I would receive my refund back. This was on a Monday, I received my refund back on a Wednesday morning.


I went on that site afew days ago and I couldn't find the movie I was looking for so I tried to cancel it but the website didn't say if I cancel it or not how can I find out if it got cancelled


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