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Dear Sir,

Being truly concerned with what we have read in your comment, we decided to investigate the case and listen to the record of the quoted conversation.

Our agent found the positive solution to the issue on the phone and lead to reimbursing You for the full amount deducted from the card’s account you are holder of.

The only reference to the location of VideoStripe’s Customer Support was done as an explanation of the anticipated length of the refund procedure. In fact VideoStripe main office is in Miami, Florida, while its Customer Support is outsourced and located in Europe.

According to the conversation You have also accepted proposed solution.

Please, accept our sincerest apology for the fact, that the conversation with our consultant led to this kind of misunderstanding. We will do our best to have a best possible service for you next time we'll have a pleasure talking to you.

We are available 24h a day if you have any more doubts you want to discuss.

Recently, a Company that PROUDLY makes it's home in POLAND, repeat, POLAND, hacked a Master card Debit Card,

and purloined $49.00 from that account.

Caught at this scam, I swiftly demanded that they replace the money, or, it would become a police matter.

The response I received from the customer service agent

on the telephone: " We don't have to do ANYTHING !!! We are in POLAND !!! We don't recognize U.S. laws !!!! " That is an verbatim quote !!!!

Now, at long last, the crooked company has replied to my PISSED CONSUMER complaint, by saying that their customer

service " department " is in Florida.

NOTE: They have no defense for telling me that they are immune - repeat IMMUNE - to the laws in the States.

It takes a lot of nerve to tell a man that you dishonor the very country whose citizens you are making income from. A LOT OF NERVE.

Now, they want me to "investigate" the matter !!!!!

In certain quarters, they call this "misdirection" .

They replaced the money. Beyond that, I will let the

readership of PISSED CONSUMER make the judgements.

Odd, is it not, that suddenly, this arrogant company in POLAND, that is ABOVE the laws in the U.S.A., is now, comfortably, resting it's weary bones in the State of Florida.


Dr. H. E. Sawyer, Jr.

Grove, OK 74344

This reviewer shared experience about "hacked debit account" and wants this business to "no firm doing business in the u. s. a. is above our laws !!!!!!!!!" as the author lost $49. This person is overall dissatisfied with Videostripe. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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