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Dear Sir/Madam
The only reason why your credit card could be charged by our company is because your card details were provided during the registration process on our website in order to open an account. As we understand You do not recall signing up personally and You did not authorize those charges. We are terribly sorry that You could not reach our customer support on the phone. The line is open 24/7 but in certain times of a day the awaiting time might be longer. We encourage though to try again so we could embark refund procedures for unauthorized transactions. We are sure that we can solve your problem. VideoStripe support number is 00-1-800-519-4199.

Loooks like i have been ripped off for 49.99 and 1.00 dollars by an unknown company. Called the company's number seems they do not come to the phone, have been on hold for over 15 min. Wil call CC for reimbursement

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