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Dear Madam, Firstly, please accept our apology for this situation. We cooperate with many external advertisers and we are not always able to prevent them from using this sort of undesired practices. It is NOT our intention to direct this kind of advertisement or invade the privacy of our potential customers by sending text messages to their personal phone numbers. Thank You for advising us about the case. The information that You have provided us with will help us to address the issue and put an end to those practices.

Well they're at it again. This morning, 8:21am AUEST I got this text "-my-name- this image was just received http//" ..

I have an OLD 2G phone and can't even VIEW images on my phone - so I typed it in, on my laptop and the screen began to load an R rated preview trailer then stalled and asked me to REGISTER first.

WTF Videostipe? My number is a SILENT/WITHHELD number ... and I'm not some perve that would be interested in anything 'R' rated either.

My guess is whatever company is sending the mass-spams is just mass-texting blocks of entire mobile phone numbers.

Videostripe hides behind the 'disclaimer' that they have NO control over what the Ad companies are doing - well er, NO.. as the PAYING CUSTOMER, Videostripe CAN stipulate to any service provider, that such enmasse' text-spamming IS NOT TO BE UTILISED. They are the paying customer, they CAN set rules for what is/isn't acceptable for promoting their company/image. Videostripe obviously doesn't give a flying-F**K who they *** off/make themselves look bad. They're playing on statistic averages based on that "1 in 10 score rate" - if 1 million text are sent then on average, 100K 'customers' will 'register' and of those 10k will remain beyond the 1wk free trial and start paying for the service... that's a LOT of money and Videostripe isn't going to give a s**t who they *** of in the process.

Videostripe have been typing out the same lame excuse all year and still continue to mass-text-spam.


Reason of review: unsolicited spam text.

I didn't like: Unsolicited text-spamming.

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