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Dear Madam,
Let me announce that your case has been resolved successfully. In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us 24/7 under this US toll-free number 00 1-800-519-4199, trough the the Skype under following address: support.videostripe.sip or trough the live-chat service in Support section on our website:

How do I stop videostripe from taking money out of my bank account? I've never heard of them or used their service, I'm severely pissed off, I will be contacting my bank and putting in a fraud complaint!

That is taking food out of my kids mouths, I work hard for my money and don't need scamming companies ripping me off, how dare they take money off people and families that need it, how do they justify it? I am so very angry rite now, I've never heard of videostripe, this is a disgusting scam and needs to be stopped immediately!

Product or Service Mentioned: Videostripe Account.

Monetary Loss: $57.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Thank you for this post.

I was about to subscribe and at the point where i had to enter my credit card detail to gain acces to a free trail, i stopped and took a look around the net.

Found this and won't continue to enter the "free" trail.

Scotland, United Kingdom #878749

Iv had money took out my account&i've never heard of it.I just looked over my bank statement&realised that £29.98,£30.85,£0.82,£1.50,£0.84&£1.50 now this is fraud I havnt got an account,i am so angry at this taking food out my kids mouths,clothes etc!! This is the only statement I have looked at i'll be looking at my other bank statements also contacting my bank as this is a disgrace that someone can go into you're account&take money out.How much is it going to add up to in total when I look at my other statements.Furious is an understatement now im reading it's happening to other innocent people!! I want every penny back!!

to lilmac Scotland, United Kingdom #882288

i never canacelled afetr 7 days so there refunding my money back into mu account its been camcelled also iv cacncelled i with my bank going down tomorrowe to see exactly gow much in total has been taking out!! i want every penny back...mistakes been made sumewere!! so as long as i get my monehy bk am happy!!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #877690

Hi there,

I was just doing some online banking and saw a charge for $57 from videostripe also and called CBA right away to suspend the card and send out a new one. They are currently investigating the transaction and takes around 10 days up to 40 days they said.

I suggest you do the same.

If anyone happens to read this also and tries to contact and manage to chat to their support they may ask you this:

"Could you please give me the last 4 digits and expiration date of your credit card?

I need it to cancel your subscription and proceed the reimbursement."

I did not provide anymore details to this website. If they are doing something dodgy then the more banks investigate them the sooner it can be stopped as Im sure my bank doesnt want me to close my account with them for good.

to Anonymous Scotland, United Kingdom #878750

It better stop ,scam.The money that's been took out my account,i'll be calling my bank&im furious I don't even know how long its been getting took out my account,i'll be checking my statements&i won't be letting this go!!!!

Disgrace that these disgusting people can get into out accounts!!!

Scotland, United Kingdom #878759

I just went on to the website&there refunding my money within 7 working days..I forgot i did sighn up but forgot to cancell as i just had a baby,told them i havn't watched one movie&they will c that on there system..i also tyold them if sumone doesn't watch anything within the free 7 days u should also cancell too so yeah got it sorted getting my money back i just looked at my statements&told them the dates the money came off even tho they wioll know that!! so do the same :)


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